I like it! Where can I buy it?

Firstly, thank you. Most products are available in the online shop. For bespoke items, please email to discuss. You can also view a list of stockists here. Please bear in mind that each stockist carries a curated selection of products rather than the full range. 

If you’re looking at wedding stationery, please note as it is bespoke it is not in an online shop, therefore please email for more information and a quote. There is further information about bespoke wedding stationery here.

Do you sell wholesale?

Absolutely! Please enquire for a stockist brochure. It's great to hear about your shop and what products you're interested in too. 

Do you work with bloggers?

I am open to any suggestions from bloggers who love Oh Squirrel. When getting in touch please send a personal email letting me know how you’d like to work together, along with your media pack. I get a lot of advertising enquiries so it's appreciated to have as much information as possible on your email.

I’d like a business like yours, how do I do it?

You work hard, very hard. Then you work a little bit harder and you start getting there...
I get asked this a lot and it’s a very difficult question to answer. My journey is probably quite different to most, however my top tip is to just go for it and work it out along the way. I occasionally blog a little about business bits and pieces so keep an eye out for that.

What does Oh Squirrel mean?

Long version: I’ve collected lovely old photographs, fabrics and other amazing finds for years, and the origins of the brand included using these all in my products - “squirrelled finds” if you will!

Short version: I like squirrels and say the word “oh” far too much! I had to think of a name overnight and this just worked.

Can I work for you?

In the near future I’m looking at the possibility of offering internships. Interested applicants should email a CV, along with a bit of info about yourself, your availability and why you think you’d like to work at Oh Squirrel HQ. You must be able to travel to Muswell Hill, North London.