What's New Pussycat? Luxury Gold Hen Party!

Last weeekend we shot the SS15 Hen Party images which I can't WAIT to share with you. I've sneaked a few peeks over on Instagram, but stay tuned for the whole range...

However, in the mean time (via my very basic photography on the badges!) I'm able to launch a few new products into what will be the 'Sparkle & Shine' range (inspired by The Lightening Seeds, not the Nativity!!) 

So! One of the loveliest sashes is this beauty - and it's needed some friends for a while… 

TA DAAAA! She's only gone and got herself some GOLD POLKA DOT FRIENDS!! (the best kind!)

I'll level with you - working out the logistics of these has not been easy! I pride myself with making all the badges to order (I trialled something different last year but the quality was awful so no thank you, keep it in Oh Squirrel HQ please!) - You see where they're gold? That's gold foiling! If you research how to print something gold it gives you the code to stick into photoshop to make a nasty mustard (although I am wearing a lovely mustard dress right now actually!) colour which is not gold - these are properly shiny. Ooh!

& they have MINI FRIENDS!! The mini badges aren't customisable like their bigger pals, but are probably my favourite badge at the moment - subtle and cute… and gold and polka dot (sorry, again cannot cope with my two favourite things in one place)

You can personalise the big badges which is great. Together with the sash they may a great package! Why not add some party straws in 'Starry Night' too? I'll be creating packages of everything together soon to make your hen party buying experience much easier, but if you can't wait until then please drop an email

& finally - this is for you…. the girl without a hen party to go to this year (that's actually me for once!) - if you like the badges… well I guess one of your friends may be having a birthday this year?

Get her (or him) a birthday badge!!

All products listed here are in the etsy shop and available on Not on the High Street

To enquire about building a special package please email

Plenty more thinks sparkling and shiny to come!