Do It Your Own Way


I've been a bit rubbish at blogging recently - I've been pretty busy. One of the main reasons (other than the craziness that is work!) is in the last month I've been busily preparing for being a Bridesmaid at a lovely friend's wedding - which was really quite wonderful. It was my first experience as a Bridesmaid and I absolutely loved it! The other reason is not having the internet at home for the past 3 weeks has meant longer hours in the studio and no blogging in bed with a cup of tea last thing on a night! Come back internet, all is forgiven!

Anyway, that's not what I'm talking about today.

This is just a quick little post about something I've been thinking about a bit lately. I counted that I've been a guest at a dozen weddings, and every single one of them was different. This doesn't count the ones I've worked on too. Have I got my favourite? Yes, well a couple! Are there any I didn't like as much? Sure... 

The concluding thing I've realised about weddings is that the ones that I've found to be the most wonderful and fun are the ones where the Bride & Groom (or Bride & Bride or Groom & Groom) do what they want, and don't necessarily do what they're 'meant to'. Typically and traditionally you're 'meant to' have a white dress, get a fancy car to the ceremony, sing hymns and have readings, throw confetti, eat a big meal, cut a cake, have a first dance etc.... but what if that doesn't mean anything to you? 

Your wedding is probably the only day that you'll have all the people you love together in one room, so you should celebrate this in whatever way you want.

If a traditional wedding is what you've always dreamed of, go for it! If you have a recurring nightmare about tripping over on your first dance (probably talking to more Grooms than I am Brides here...) then don't have one. If you'd rather your best friend escort you down the aisle then why not? It is YOUR DAY.

I'm fortunate enough to have been to quite a few weddings where decisions like this were made. At one wedding the beautiful bride bought a lovely party dress rather than spend a fortune on a wedding dress, and looked just wonderful.... then at another we ate a big barbeque and all the guests brought different salads and desserts along. Must've saved a fortune on the catering bill, which is great as that's more funds for other things.

As a wedding supplier it's possibly a tad controversial to say such things, however the ethos of Oh Squirrel from day one has always been about fun, nostalgia and having a good time. The products I make are not throwaway, and many of them go on to be things to keep for a long time. 

As I develop Oh Squirrel, this is the ethos I will be maintaining, and I am currently hard at work developing totally new things with this in mind. It's a very exciting time, and I'm so privileged to have worked with so many couples who share this ethos and are very excited to find a supplier who 'gets it'. 

The photographs used are from the wedding at the weekend, which was very beautiful. Without going into too many details, the Bride & Groom totally made it their own with gold spray paint animal favours, a handmade game of twister in the wedding colours, a wedding playlist to end all wedding playlists, a bubble gun fight on the grass... it was perfect and very personal. The photographs aren't great as I was too busy having fun!