'…the sincerest form of flattery...'


In terms of business milestones, this week has been awesome! Not on the High Street and The Sewists Book launch have been incredible, and I'm feeling pretty excited about things right now!

Unfortunately, I become away of another little 'milestone' when I came across another maker who has been perhaps a little too 'inspired' by Oh Squirrel products. I regularly do a bit of research just to see what other exciting things are going on (and for a bit of actual shopping too!) and came across a maker who had some products a little similar to mine. On closer inspection, I recognised the copy that this person had used as being taken directly from my own etsy listings with just a few words changed, it was so disappointing. Looking at their website, some content had been very much 'inspired' by mine too.

The thing is, never mind. I'm always updating products, I have a new website on the cusp of launching, and I'm working on some really exciting brand new things. I previously worked in fashion buying, so am very aware that an original idea is a very unusual concept, so if someone has one, it's going to get copied inevetably

Onwards & upwards I say! Although I will remain keeping an eye out but I'm not going to let this upset me any more. That said, I'm aware of my rights and would not be scared of getting a cease & desist letter should this problem arise again!