Oh Squirrel on Not on the High Street

For a while I've been alluding to some big news that has been kept under my hat (I do like a good hat so it's not always a metaphorical one!)

The news is this - Oh Squirrel is now a partner on Not on the High Street!

Not on the High Street are a business I've admired for years, and have shopped from for a long time too so this is pretty exciting! NOTHS (as they're affectionately referred to!) curate their online shop so you have to selected by them to be part of their business, so it's a massive compliment to be picked!

The range I have on there at the moment is what I'm referring to as a 'starter range' as there's PLENTY more I'll be adding on there in the next few months too.

There are lots of new items that have the option to personalise by adding names on, which makes for wonderful gifts. The C word is coming up soon so it might be time to start making your list!

After months of product development and photography planning, I got the word that everything was ready for Oh Squirrel to launch on Not on the High Street launch on Friday, however that was a big day of firsts - it was the book launch media day, my NOTHS news, and my first ever self employed sick day where it took me until about 3pm to get out of bed! Talk about bad timing!! Thankfully, I'm fighting fit now and already excited to be getting lots of orders through!

It's another milestone on this wonderful journey and I'm so appreciative of the wonderful direction my business is going in. It's nice to see the hard work I've put in this crazy year is starting to pay off, hoorah!