The Sewists!

Ok, here it is - one of the proudest moments of my creative career - The Sewists! I am... a Sewist!

The book is officially out and in shops on Monday, and I am so excited that one of those top twenty designer makers is me! It's crazy! Pinch myself crazy!

The book is beautiful. The first time I held it in my hands it felt very surreal. The cover is just great, and really sets the mood for the book which is full of wonderful creatives. Collette Patterns & Abigail Brown are the big names I've known for ages, however it's amazing to discover some new names too. & faces! Each designer gets a two page spread about them and their studio, in addition to their project which is an indepth 'how to' on how to make something in their style, in which you can learn many new skills to add to your sewing repertoire.

So... how did I become involved in this book? I'm a big believer that life is what you make it, and everything can lead to something else so take the most of any opportunity you get, so don't stay in! Go out and meet marvellous people, always say yes etc etc etc. Let's revisit that question again, how did I become involved in the book? Twitter. Bet you weren't expecting that!

After a few months of mutual admiration and chatting back and forth, the lovely Josephine Perry and I met up for a natter. I remember that meeting vividly as I was having one of the worst weeks. It was at a time when I was very unhappy at work and wasn't so happy in myself either - but after meeting Jo that day I left with an invitation to be part of the book and a new pal... who would then go on to become one of the my closest and most wonderful friends. I also left that meeting feeling excited, and thrilled that someone I just met really believed in me. Oh Squirrel was very much still in it's infancy, but it was at this point I started making big decisions. I think that Jo's wonderful spirit and infectious enthusiasm is accountable for a lot of those decisions, and for so much support along this wonderful journey. I'll stop it with the soppy-ness now.

Fast forward six months, and I started to do this full time. When I timeline that it seems crazy.

So, back to the book! It's great, it really is. My project is a version of one of my stitched cards, and I share professional card making tips on how do make greetings cards properly, and to stitch with paper, which is actually not as easy as you might think! Once you get going it's fine though, but needs to be treated like a new material that you and your machine get to know.

One of my favourite little quirks in the book is that each 'Sewist' is given their own stitch which is used in the graphics of their page - very cute ay? Also - if you were one of the many folk who assumed my surname was actually 'Squirrel', then see above! Sorry!

The designer page of the book is great, however my studio is very much outdated now! I left the home studio some months ago, but it's nice to fondly look back on that... and my hair! Bonus points if you can spot a pair of roller skates!

I'm so proud to be part of this wonderful book and can't decide what project I'd like to try first. There is something in it for every level of stitcher, and it really is an interesting read too with all the designer profile (I'm nosey so this works well for me!) I hope with all of my heart that it goes on to be a huge success, and can't wait to know what the future holds for the marvellous Josephine Perry - author, creative, sewist & friend.

If you'd like to buy the book - it's available here!

Last Two images c/o Laurence King Publishing