10 Things I've Seen This Weekend

1. One of my lovliest old friends and lots of family

2. The park lake I used to play by as a little girl, just before sunset

3. A donkey called Elvis

4. 'Hogwarts'...

5. Owls! All the owls!

6. A dog wearing a cape...

7. A place I can live if it all goes wrong (Katie caravan... not mine, just a 'found thing!')

8. A train full of rugby fans. Full of. I had to sit on the floor, good job I'm small!

9. Someone very special turn 92 years of age.

10. The stars! London is my home, but escaping for a few days and seeing a sky full of stars is always a treat.

Important thing I did not see:

The sun. Bloody British Bank Holidays....