New Product Alert - L Plates

I’m going to hold my hand up and say ‘I changed my mind’.

A while ago, I made a decision that I was not going to do L plates. When I make a decision, I pretty much always stick to it, however, please do hear me out on this one!

A few weeks ago I was researching L Plates and what they stood for, in order to write a blog post about my decision not to do them, after dozens of customers had asked. Once I start researching I realised that there really was no reason not to - as the symbolism I thought they had was clearly something I’d made up myself.


As a self employed designer, I think have integrity is very important. If you work for a big company and they ask you to design some packaging for a product you don’t believe in, or a dress which is not your cup of tea at all, then regardless - you do it, that’s your job. I’ve always said that I 100% believe in every product I sell, as if I don’t like it then it doesn’t make it ‘to market’. There have on occasions been commissions of bespoke stationery that hasn’t entirely been in the ‘Oh Squirrel Style’ however, that’s an example of being commercial, and I do like to challenge myself, but these are bespoke commissions and not products as such.


 Back on topic - L Plates. The reason I didn’t do them previously is I didn’t quite think through what the L stood for. When you get married, there is such a lot to learn. It’s not about learning to be a ‘wife’ (which I’ll admit that was the ‘thing’ I had a problem with) - it’s learning to grow as two individual people into a married couple. It’s more about learning to negotiate and compromise, and always put someone else’s feelings before your own. It’s learning to accept the other person’s family as your own (in some cases this may be like winning the lottery, in others it might be like... well, not so!) and learning to forgive and choose your battles carefully (will the world end if your other half doesn’t squeeze the toothpaste from the bottom of the tube? No! Get a grip!). As I’ve been part of many of my friends going from headstrong singletons (gah, I hate that word!) to being parts of married couples, I’ve seen firsthand that there has been so much to learn, but it really looks to be a wonderful journey.


So with that in mind, I officially declare a big welcome to the Oh Squirrel L Plates into the Bespoke Hen Party Accessories collection. 

There are 2 different styles, at 2 different price points to fit into different budgets... but in many variations:

L Plate - £8 - click here to buy

Choose from an array of different fabrics, and whether to have a Bold or Italic L.

The fabric is the same on both sides, but the print just one one. The twine is attached via two hand pressed antique brass eyelets, and ties in a bow behind the L so it can fit to size.


Personalised L Plate - £12.50 - click here to buy

Choose from a similar array of lovely fabrics and whether to have in Bold of Italic. You can then specify the name of the hen, and the month & year of the party. The ribbon is attached with the same handpressed antique brass eyelets and again tied in a bow so you can fit to size.

After the event they’re a lovely souvenir to hang on a door or even frame as a pretty memory. 

Would you like to see the current fabric selection!? There are so many! The darker prints are only available as a plain L as the wording wouldn't showup clearly enough, however on the etsy listing it only lets you choose ones that work. At time of posting this blog all are in stock however stocks are limited!