Fancy a Nosey? Oh Squirrel Studio Tour

Ever since I moved into the studio back on the very last day of March, I've wanted to do a tour

Thing is - it's all still a work in progress as I've been so busy. I keep thinking 'oh Friday afternoon I'll print those images and sort that out' but come Friday afternoon another load of work lands in my lap, or something else comes up and there's not the time.

The other thing is, I love it and I'm happy. I doubt I'm going to look back on my life and wish that everything looked perfect!

So! Here's a little nosey of where I spend a lot of my day. It's cozy, it's personal, it's full of my favourite things, silly notes, and it's a place I love to be.

Pop in for a cuppa sometime? I hold sales meetings and those with clients for bespoke stationery here. It's in beautiful leafy Muswell Hill - email if you fancy booking an appointment.

Photos by Dianne Tanner