A little preview - Oh Squirrel is in a BLOODY BOOK!

Well, I told you I had marvellous news!


There is so much to say about this, however for now all I have time to let you know is that I am in a brilliant book which you can order now on Amazon, and buy in leading bookshops soon! There are 20 projects from names that are pretty big in the world of sewing & craft... then there's me! I feel pretty special to be part of it.

There is a big story that goes hand in hand with this, which started almost two years ago when I had a meeting with a lovely lady called Josephine Perry, the author of this book who has since become one of my closest and most marvellous friends. So, out of this I got my project on the front of a book, and an awesome pal. I'll tell you all about how later!

In the mean time, do order a copy if you've got some pocket money, or looking for a gift for a friend or family member perhaps? It's a fantastic price for so many diverse projects, and 20 designer profiles too! My hair looks very different on mine! Pop back for more sneak peeks inside the book