Things To Do This Week:

1. Await a very important delivery and *hopefully* finally launch something I've been working on since April

2. Not get sucked into the music telly vortex now we have sky tv at home...

3. Cook! After months I have got round to doing an onlince grocery shop and I have ingredients! 

4. Finally start work on making the boards in my studio be full of inspirational images! Up until now they've just been full of lists, invoices and the odd picture. No, let's get this looking jolly...

5. & whilst we're at in on the planning... start planning my New York trip for next month!

6. Work on a huge and exciting wholesale order, hooray!

7. Start work on my new website!

8. Do some painting... & hopefully not get paint over a new dress this time...

9. Order fabric to cover my new mannequin in. I'm thinking grey polka dots, or maybe a really strong ditsy print. It has to be jersey though, and finding nice knitted fabrics is always a task & a half

10. Have some fun!