Squirreled Finds - The Drowned Man Prop Sale

Hope you're having a lovely weekend!
I realised the other day that it's months since I did one of these, but I have a very good excuse now.

Earlier in the week a very exciting email landed in my inbox - an invitation to a prop & costume sale on the set of The Drowned Man. I've gone on about this production a lot already so I shan't mention too much again, however I fell in love with the set and the props, so the opportunity to not only be in the building again, but to own a little part of it was too good to miss.

I went along on the first day of the sale which was crazy! Absolutely everything you could possible imagine from a production was on sale - costumes, furniture, small props through to huge things, decorations, signage, plants... EVERYTHING! As the show was set in the 1960s, everything was from this or being this period, so it was completely up my alley!

I was in a bit of a rush that day but managed to get some wonderful things, including one very special piece of furniture which I'll tell you more about once it's all set up - it is PERFECT and funnily enough something I've been looking to buy for ages. I got some other small bits and pieces for just a few pounds, which were a combination of very useful, or just very cool and evoked a nice memory - some of which are pictured here.

 For as long as I can remember, I've loved second hand shopping, whether it be clothes or furniture or anything inbetween. The majority of my furniture tells a story (ok, some it is a story of an ikea trip but give me a few years and when I've found the perfect update it will all be replaced) which I think is reallt special. To have the opportunity to purchase such wonderful finds, which were also used in this amazing production was a real one off treat. 

Thing is, it wasn't quite a one off... The sale ran on for a few days and I couldn't get over it... so I went back again today! On the Sunday it was a very different experience as most of the 'good' stuff had gone, and there was no longer  a massive queue round the block. I wasn't in a rush, so spent ages going through boxes of things, trying on costumes and having nice chats with people - it was a lovely experience, made even lovlier by the music being played was a combination of the soundtrack and music that was still in the same era/theme. There were a few other furniture bits I contemplated on getting, then Addison Lee-ing it back home, but resisted and just bought one big thing (which almost turned into a very, very expensive disaster when because I was looking after this on the way home I left my iPad on the bus...) and some other little treasure which will all be used in future Oh Squirrel products. The 'big thing' is a bit of a project, as it's something I've wanted to buy a new version of for a while, so this has come at the perfect time. More on that later!

Oh Squirrel is called so because of a love of 'squirreled finds', so to have an opportunity like this I couldn't miss. It was also pretty strange to be back in this incredible building where such a brilliant show was held, there were little nods to it throughout, from all the branding on the price lists, through to the scary placement of the scarecrows who scared the absolute life out of my the first time I met them. Before the Spring I hadn't heard of Punchdrunk, the theatre company who staged this, however now I'm completely in love with their work... so much so I've booked flights to New York to see their other production next month! Well, not entirely for this but it was the catalyst that made me decide it was time for another well earned adventure. I am excited!