Say Something Nice to Someone Today

Today I had not one, but THREE customer emails that were just beautiful. I was so overwhelmed to get such lovely feedback - it really did make my day. Thank you to those lovely folk! 

Thing is, these customers didn't need to do that... but they did and it made me feel so happy. Nice isn't it?

Today, maybe try saying someone nice to someone, just because you can. It might make their day, and it'll probably make you feel good too.

There's a lovely house near my studio which I go past when I sometimes pop round to my friend's house after work. The garden is incredible, just full of flowers, absolutely FULL - so much colour, it always makes me smile. The other day I saw the elderly lady whose house it was in the garden, so I stopped to tell her that her garden made me so happy whenever I went past. She beamed with pride - as she should! It was just a little thing but I was so pleased I made the effort to say so.

In London, when a stranger says something nice to you (in a non-creepy way!) it does seem extra unusual. More of that please!

(If you fancy telling someone they're bloody brilliant with the fabric tag pictured then you can get that here! It's lovely to pop in the post as a surprise gift)