Happy July!

Crikey this year is flying by fast! 

After a (sort of) relaxing weekend away I'm back in the studio sewing, printing, designing, packing, emailing away at full speed! Some of the plans I had for June happened, some not quite - the thing about running your own business is that you have to be adaptive to situations, and as I had a huge amount of orders and new clients last month, a few of my newer plans had to be postponed a little. Not a problem though! My biggest priority is always ensure all customers, clients and shops have their orders on time, oh that and that they bloody love them.

July is going to be great. Having had a very inspirational and motivational week I'm excited about what's around the corner! 

Pictured are a few of my new sash fabrics! Some old favourites have finally gone and I'm unable to get hold of any more, so I have some new ones! Not all of these are in the etsy shop yet, purely because there aren't that many hours in the day, but if you see one you like on thie blog post and want to order just add a note and you can have it! I particularly love this one...