Mini Announcement

It really isn't that exciting, but last time it was helpful so I'm doing it again!
After Wednesday of this week I will be out of the studio until the following Monday (4th). I'm off doing something very special and important*, so over this time I won't be accessing emails as I'm definitely going to be rather busy. I'll tell you all about it afterwards.

As usual, all orders already placed are being processed within the stated leadtime, and anything placed over this time will be dispatched on time too - I just won't be there to reply to your email if you have any questions until I'm back next week. You will probably see me on instagram though... there will be lots to show pictures of!

Thank you!

* Don't worry, I've not suddenly got a big head, it really is important as it's a very special friend's big day and I'm a bridesmaid (!) so I will be on hand being helpful and having a jolly time... & maybe adding a little oh squirrel touch!