July Was...



1. My first trip to the seaside of the year! More please! (I have literally no idea how I'm holding that ball... that photograph was probably taken just after I dived in the sand during a very competitive game of piggy in the middle...)

2. A great 'networking' (don't punch me for saying that word!) month! Hanging out with Anna Bond of Rifle Paper Company and many other awesome creative folk was quite a highlight. More of that later. As someone who can be very shy at times, it was good to be put out of my comfort zone and I'm so excited about some of the wonderful things I've learnt. 

3. When I finally realised the benefit of the backpack. I was gifted one for my birthday and wasn't sure at first, but now it's my new best friend. I cart around so much stuff to the studio back and forth and it is definitely helping to save my shoulders. Oh I'm getting old!

4... & on that note! I turned twenty seven. I did it quietly and very much enjoyed it that way. 

5. The month I finally fixed my filing cabinet. It has annoyed me every day.

6. The start of a lot of new product development for Oh Squirrel. Due to a very full schedule in the weeks I took some time to come in over the weekends as this was never going to happen any other way! I'm so excited to share this with you!

August will be the month of my first ever Bridesmaid-ing, some very exciting projects and hopefully a little break away at some point - that passport is dying to be used!

Have a lovely week!

Oh & the winner of my giveaway is Gill Watson who I will be contacting in the week, hooray!