Something exciting may be about to happen. I have to say ‘may’ as I don’t want to jinx it (a little superstitious!) however I’m on the brink of a big ol’ number!

I do my best not to get into statistics as I think it can be a little showy offy, and also kinda dull. That said, the other day when I realised that over 1000 fellow twits were following me I thought that was quite cool... especially as my ‘shut up and talk about your business’ button for twitter isn’t always pressed... 


So the one I’m talking about is this! I’m only a few off 1000 etsy sales! Etsy is only a part of my business, but it is the most measurable one with it’s easy to see facts and figures, so I thought this was one to celebrate... if I get there! Like I said... don’t jinx it!

So over the next few days until I reach that number I’m having a giveaway. All you need to do is enter with your email as a comment below, perfect! If you could also shout about it on social media too that would be amazing and very much appreciated - I can’t quite figure out how to award extra ‘points’ for that, but if you do and you win then I’ll throw in some extras. If you don't want to leave your email here please send an email to me just with the title GIVEAWAY

What can you win?!?! It will be a goody bag worth over £30! In addition to some lovely cards which I’ll select from stock, I’m going to offer some custom pieces too, so you can have a fabric tag made up in your choice of words, and I’ll do a notebook for you too! It doesn’t need to be for you, it can be for a friend so if you need to stock up on thoughtful gifts, enter away!

With your email I won’t pass it on, I’ll merely keep hold of it for my summer newsletter... which will feature another giveaway!  

If for some crazy reason I get to that big number before Monday morning (21st July) I will still keep it open until then, however otherwise it’s open until I get there. 

International folk can enter too! This is open to everyone!