July Playlist - The Drowned Man


I am going to do my best to be concise, however this may be my biggest challenge to date. I was late to this party - the two sides of my brain are in argument - one is ever so cross and the other is ever so thankful. 

Back in June I went to see a production of The Drowned Man. If I had to put the experience into 5 words it would be: mesmerizing, terrifying, unforgettable, beautiful & ridiculous. The Drowned Man was (sadly, it has now finished) an interactive, immersive theatre experience set in a huge old post office in Paddington. The brief premise is that there are about 40 characters and you choose to follow whoever you fancy around this building and create your own version of events. My 'brief premise' is an awful description because I literally cannot put it into words, sorry. The sets! The story! The costumes! The music! Everything was utterly perfect.

I visited again in July, this time on my own and had a totally different experience. I am still processing what happened... I basically spent three hours feeling like I was in a cross between a film, a video game, a goosebumps 'choose what happens next' book, and a dream. It was one of the best experiences I have ever had.

Now, after this and with no further opportunity to see it again (the 'studios' have now been torn down, I saw a picture and gasped!) I felt a bit glum. I have busied myself with all sorts of literature and synopsis, and a potential plan for another adventure, however upon the discovery of a Drowned Man playlist on Spotify I was a bit overcome. For some folk it's a smell that can evoke a thousand feelings and memories, for me it's music. The music selected for this show was so bloody perfect and listening to the soundtrack over and over has been my favourite hobby this week. I didn't hear all of the songs in the performance, simply because it's physically impossible to experience everything (some folk visited dozens of times and never managed this) however there are so many on this playlist which pretty much knocked me sideways upon hearing them again. 

So! To sort of conclude, these are the 11 (sorry, it took me ages to filter down this far but I couldn't kick any out so it's 11 and not 10) songs from the playlist which have climbed into my heart, sat there and made it beat like crazy. Songs that evoke such a strong emotion, whether it be fear, adventure, excitement or just utter joy:

1. Remember (Walkin' in the sand) - The Shangri-Las

2. The Man With the Golden Arm - Elmer Bernstein 

3. Chick Habit - April March

4. I Can Never Go Home Anymore - The Shangri-Las

5. It's Deserted - James Newton Howard

6. Two Shots of Happy, One Shot of Sad - Nancy Sinatra

7. In The Still of the Night - Santo & Johnny

8. Cry To Me - Solomon Burke

9. Burnin' Hell - The Bootleggers

10. We Are Enough - Melt Yourself Down

11. The Masquerade is Over - The Harptones

Those last three songs when played in order give me serious goosebumps every time I hear them.

If you didn't see the production, then these songs are awesome anyway!

Back to work, I'm doing a couple of huge wedding designs this week which is incredible, however at the back of my mind I'm just hoping I one day get an email to design a Drowned Man themed wedding...

Pop next week and I'll share some of these weddings bits! Every wedding is so different at the moment, it's so much fun!