"I Could Make That Myself"

From the title of this blog you may assume it's going to be a small rant about rude things people say at craft markets. It could be! I've plenty of experience of that! It isn't though. It's about bloody getting on with it.

Every time I do some sort of event I lose count of how many times I hear that remark, some folk more subtle than others. The people who forget to turn the volume and flash off their camera are a favourite, but I just laugh about it. I have photographs of everything I design and make plastered all over the internet so it isn't a big deal - manners don't cost a penny though...

Anyway! 'I could make it myself!' - thing is, you haven't! But you should! Obviously I don't condone copying at all, but the thing about craft fairs is they should leave you inspired and full of your own ideas. You don't even need to physically go to one as Pinterest is overflowing with creativity.

It took years and years of visiting design exhibitions  and craft events for me to finally have a go at doing it myself in a "professional" capacity. I told myself I didn't have the time but that was a load of rubbish - what I didn't have was the confidence. I made cards and gifts for friends for years and was told so many times to try selling them, but would come up with so many excuses why I couldn't. It seems daft, but I used to have very little confidence in my creative ability. 

If you have a crafty idea, no matter what it is, just get on with it and have a go! You can set up a twitter and Instagram in a matter of minutes, and start sharing photos of what you're upto. Interact with other folk to get them to interact with you too, that way you get feedback on what you're doing and can channel it into a wonderful direction. Your first idea probably won't be the way you end up going, but the journey involves trying all sorts of stuff. 

But seriously, if you think you could do it yourself and want to have a go, please, please, please do! A few years ago when I was having a bit of a tough time it was being creative that gave me a focus and enjoyment. Back then I had no idea that it would actually turn into my job! 

PS - like the new photographs & products? You're going to be seeing a LOT more of them in the next few weeks...