Summer Market & Event Break

Gosh 'break' seems to be the theme of the week - don't worry, I'm not getting lazy - quite the opposite!

If you follow Oh Squirrel antics you may have noticed a distinct cut back in events and markets in the last few months. There are quite a few reasons for this, and I thought it might be nice to explain a little about that.

Back when I launched Oh Squirrel, I used markets massively for trialing products and learning about customers and what they liked. When I become a full time squirrel, I took my products out to events pretty much every weekend, which was a brilliant way of learning what worked (and what didn't work!), meeting clients and also picking up wholesale orders.

But you know what? You can't do that forever. Giving up every weekend to doing events pretty much knocked me out. It got to the stage where I was never free on a weekend, couldn't make plans and was just forever chasing my metaphorical tail to have a day off, let alone a whole weekend. It was exhausting and had a big impact on me in lots of not so positive ways. There is only so much you can do and I was airing on the side of pushing myself that little bit too far.

I have worked really hard to get to the stage where my business has taken off with online/wholesale, and as such I am luckily able to do less events, which means more time in the studio working on orders and new products, and also it means I get to enjoy my weekend and relax a bit!

Will I still do markets and events? Absolutely! I'm taking a month or two off completely as I have a lot on with orders & weddings & so much else, and quite frankly I actually don't have any 'stock' to sell as you pretty much bought everything at the Highgate Fair! I really love doing events - Crafty Fox back in April was one of my year highlights so far, not to mention the amazing time I had at Renegade last year, so I will definitely be back doing events. I am just happy to be able to approach it in a completely different way.

When you work for yourself a lot of folk adopt a bit of a martyr approach to weekends, but you know what? I know I bloody well deserve them, as does everyone! After an excellent day galavanting, lazing in the sun, catching up with friends or just relaxing with a good film I feel so much more refreshed and in turn it makes me more productive and motivated for the craziness that is Monday morning!