10 Daft Business Related Things

When I went to Makegood, there was a lot of discussion about how much personality you inject into your business. The general consensus is that personality in a brand is a very good thing and that folk should really be doing more of this. I never stopped to consider how much of my 'personality' is in Oh Squirrel, but in hindsight it really is rather a lot! When I think about all of the brands I love, they all have a lot of personality about them, and I think that's really important. If I'm spending money on something, I love for it to have a story and a face behind it. So, with that in mind, I thought I'd share 10 rather daft business related things about me with you:

1. I don't count the hours I work because I'm scared to. That said, when you love your job as much as I do it really doesn't matter. That said, I do love my downtime too!

2. Sometimes, if I'm feeling very stressed out at work I wear Minnie Mouse ears or a big Crown & Glory bow. It works!

3. I studied Fashion Design for 5 years and have a separate qualification in tailoring. When I was 18 I wanted a career in Savile Row, when I was 19 I just wanted to work for Agent Provocateur. When I was 20 I think I'd had enough! If required I could definitely whip up a some trousers or pair of knickers in an afternoon!

4. I'm a very British cliche in that I genuinely do believe Tea Solves All.... or most. I have a habit of spilling at least one cup of tea down myself or my desk a week. It's usually done in the most theatrical way possible! I have an emergency change of clothes at the studio just in case this happens before a meeting, and a ban on having a drink on any surface which I'm working at.

5. I still get excited every time I get an order! When I secured my last big client I may or may not have done an air punch...

6. I am a massive perfectionist. If I'm not 100% happy with something it goes in the bin (or recycling where possible) or the box of doom. I'm that particular that I doubt I'd ever even have a sample sale.

7. Zebby (pictured) is the real Oh Squirrel mascot. The secret is, there's no squirrel. I bought Zebby years back to make into a Christmas Snowglobe (?!) but he didn't fit in the jar so I never bothered. 

8. Contrary to most of my clients perceptions, I'm not married - nor have I had a wedding... or a hen party for that matter! I fell into weddings pretty much by accident, but absolutely love working on them! In terms of 'my own wedding' I can hand on heart say I don't have a secret pinterest board or any preconceived ideas for if that happens one day.

9. Moving into the studio was the second best business decision I ever made (after quitting my day job in the first place!) Although I do a lot of my admin at home (hello from my bed where I'm currently writing this blog!) it's so wonderful to leave work at work and come home. Having a work/life balance again is brilliant and I properly appreciate time off more so than ever. 

10. Although I spend a lot of my life making birthday cards and things for other people's birthdays, I actually really don't like my own birthday and find it rather anxiety inducing. I've decided that this year I want to celebrate it with a 'thank you' party instead. I have decided the present I'm going to buy myself though!