Happy Father's Day

A little post to say Happy Father's Day to all the wonderful Dads out there. 

Not everyone has a Dad, or is close to theirs for varying reasons, so I feel privileged and lucky to have a brilliant Dad in my life.

We're very different in so many ways, but what brings us together is our sense of humour, which is often a tad inappropriate! Every time I speak to my Dad on the phone I end up laughing for ages at some daft thing he's said. He properly knows how to cheer me up too. I'm twenty six, and he still insists on hiding my pudding from me whenever I visit my parents and we're having our tea. I know by now it's usually in the microwave or on a spare chair. Wise I am! I hope this never changes - I love him very much!

Dads are supposed to be wise creatures with plenty of advice. The three main pieces my Dad has given me are 'It'll be 'raight' which is response to anything going wrong, 'Never volunteer for anything!'... yeah I didn't listen to that one, and my personal favourite 'Do what you like, just don't get caught!' - brilliant!

Even though I'm a couple of hundred miles from him today, I feel very lucky to have a Dad as special as mine.