I Bloody Love...

Yeah ok, I say 'bloody' a lot.

The first card I made with 'bloody' on was an early version of this one...

I made a handful of them to sell at a small event a couple of years back, and they all sold that day because everyone was laughing so much. I figured then that I might be on to something.

I quite like the word because although technically it is a light swear word, it's quite funny, especially when said in a Yorkshire accent (which I have!) rather than being too aggressive. It's my swear word of choice, closely followed by another which you may have seen started to make an appearance...

As nostalgia and a sense of humour is at the heart of everything I make, the wording I choose to put on products is really important. I never considered myself to be funny really, then when people double over laughing at things that I've made I realise that perhaps I am a little bit! Only a tiny bit though... and only in writing! A few of the cards I've made feature sayings I've overheard, some from strangers and some from folk that definitely aren't strangers! 

Although there are a couple of other naughty words that make their way into the range, there is a cap on what I'd use. I made a badge for my housemate which was a little too sweary... but got a love of instagram so I had a bit of a quandary about what to do! It will be coming into the range any day now once it's photographed, but a tiny bit more censored (in a slightly predictable way!) 

I think the cheekier of my cards really do sum up everything I love about the brand I've created. I never wanted to design overly soppy or unoriginal products, as I believe if you've bothered to give someone a card it should be something that makes them smile and they want to keep. As all the cards pictured here are very much three dimensional pieces with the photograph stitched on, and the text in a separate layer, they are the sort of thing you'd want to keep hold of after the event perhaps! I have people tell me all the time that they've taken down all their birthday or wedding cards, but had to leave the Oh Squirrel one up as it makes them smile so much. That is the biggest compliment!

All the cards in this post are now available in the etsy shop. They're £3.50 each, or there is a special listing where you can buy 3 for £10, and save on postage too.

If you have a shop and are interested in stocking Oh Squirrel cards then please get in touch as I will be launching a new wholesale brochure later this month. At the moment the cards are stocked in a selection of wonderful shops throughout the UK, keep your eyes peeled for news of exciting new stockists soon!