June Goals!


1. Finally launch the secret and hugely exciting thing I've been rabitting on about for a while (Mid June!)

2. Spring Fairs! Are you coming?

3. Launch a brand new product, and based on how that goes roll out a whole new range

4. Wedding Season! I can't share all the photographs until the weddings have happened (client confidentiality!) but there will be so much to share with you after then

5. Get the studio sorted enough to do a proper studio tour! It's actually all fine, I'm just very picky!


1. Go to the beach. I need some seaside in my life, seriously. (If it gets to the end of the month and I still haven't been beaching I'm going to take a blanket and an just sit on that bit of the Thames that has a 'beach'!)

2. Have friends round for dinner - I haven't cooked in so long! I sat reading recipe books like they were novels yesterday. Or order takeaway and just concentrate on the cocktail menu!

3. Walk like a zombie. Way oh way oh! 

4. See The Drowned Man. I fear if I don't I'll regret it forever.

5. Go on a ridiculously long bike ride, get lost, find new places, just keep cycling until I figure it out!

See, told you I was working on that whole work/life balance thing! I thought it was funny to talk about 'goals' in June because apparently there's this big football thing happening. 

Photos taken from that time that Dianne Tanner came and photographed my flat without my noticing (or tidying up beforehand). Crazily, this is before Oh Squirrel was even my full time job, let alone before studio life. Not sure about the hair either!