A Year of Oh Squirrel

OH GOOD GOD! I have been a full time squirrel for a whole year!

I'd say "where did the time go?!" but seriously, a lot has happened and it does feel like a whole year!

I wanted to write a bit of a big blog about this, and I think next week I will - this week has been a hectic one, and one of the things I've learnt is to be kinder to myself and prioratise the more important things - you'll pop back again won't you?

I guess the most wonderful thing is that in the last year I have been happier, healthier, fitter and more fulfilled than I've ever been. I wake up in the morning and most days can't wait to get up and get on with the day. I work silly long hours a lot of the time and in the last year days off have been few and precious but it all has been worth it - life is bloody good, and you know why? Because I was brave enough to make the decision to make it so, and to work hard to achieve something the old me could only daydream about. YAY!

Life might not be perfect (whose is?!) but it is wonderful. I pinch myself that my job, my actual JOB is all about making beautiful things that make people happy, and it turns out that I've managed to find a way of keeping myself very busy as lots of folk seem to like what I do! 

The pictures here are a sneak peek of my studio space I moved into last month - when everything is ready and I've finished making it perfect I'll share it properly - as you can see from these, it's a teeny bit of chaos but I love it here! & look, a little garden! 

& because I'm a total idiot, I FORGOT to tell you it is Barboot tonight!! So if you fancy celebrating with me I'll be at the wonderous Little Paris in Crouch End from 6.30pm with some cards & what not, drinking wine and being my usual cheery self (obviously extra cheery after said wine, there's a lot to celebrate)

Thank you to everyone who has helped this be. In my soppy blog to come next week I will name and shame some of the folk who have been just ridiculously awesome in making this little daydream of mine a reality. Back to making orders!