What's New Pussycat?

(Sorry for getting that song in your head!)

Actually, lots is new!

I'm not complaining in the slightest, but the only real problem with being busy is you don't get much time to innovate and create new products, which I really dearly miss. I decided that last Saturday I'd have a bit of a work day and take myself out of the studio and sit somewhere nice and start artworking new things. I set up camp in the cafe of a lovely independent cinema where I live and had a great afternoon working on new ideas. I can't share those with you quite yet... but I'm very excited. My 'desk' is lovely though! I want all the furniture in there...

Over in the etsy shop there are plenty of new things for hen parties. I brought back two best selling fabrics as Limited Edition sashes - one of which doesn't look like it'll be around long at all based on sales from the past couple of days! The reason they are Limited Edition is the fabric isn't from my usual stockist so I can't guarantee whether I'm able to buy them again (it's not a cunning marketing ploy, you should know by now I am not all that cunning!)

Mini Flags have been selling very well! I can reveal that one of my new product ideas is to add them to birthday cards so keep an eye out for that. They're not just for hen parties, I've made plenty for folk to use on their wedding day. I took some along to a birthday the other day too and they went down a treat.

I've introduced some new mini badges into the hen party range too, which are a bargain at £7.50 for 8. You can pick from a selection of colours and have polka dots or stripes. The photographs I've taken aren't so great but will be updated when I get a bit of photographer time next week! I've tried to ensure that there are different price points in the Hen Party range as I'm very aware that everyone has a different budget for their celebrations. 

So, back to the new newness... when can you see it all? I'm going to pull a couple of very late nights to get as much ready as possible for the two Summer Events I have coming up at the beginning of June so if you're coming along there will be plenty to see! I will be getting everything photographed ready for a huge shop update next month too. Gosh, it's going to be busy!