Oh Squirrel in the Mollie Makes Wedding Special!

Something pretty amazing happened!


In the Wedding Special of the wonderful Mollie Make magazine, Oh Squirrel was featured on TWO FULL PAGES!!!!!

I haven't included the actual magazine pages, but here are the images used! The sash image was at the front of the magazine under the 'Introducing' page... I won't hide that when I saw this I actually shrieked excitedly.

If you'd like to get hold of a copy, it's stocked in all the usual places you'd find magazines (I'm really helpful aren't I!) including WHSmiths and big supermarkets. You can also buy it here! It's a really great magazine full of alternative ideas for your big day, which a big emphasis on things you can do yourself. 

On the back of this wonderful coverage I've tracked down the fabric from the sash which had previously sold out. I think this is my favourite fabric I've ever used on the sashes, and looks beautiful with so many colours. If you want to get hold of one of these sashes I've set up a Limited Edition Listing here. You can also find the mini flags in the etsy shop.