10 Reasons Why the Radio is One of my Most Important Toys

If you follow me on twitter you may notice (or have switched off to the fact!) I'm forever wittering on to myself about what's on the radio. I have a very close relationship with the radio, and in the last year I hold it responsible for keeping me sane. Thank you radio!

At home I have a lovely radio, at work I have my computer. I keep thinking about buying a Roberts Radio for the studio, and in fact on my walk to work there is a lovely shop which sells them, and amazing reconditioned record players, so the temptation is always there. You know the main thing stopping me? I can't decide on a colour. The same problem I have when choosing a gingerbread man based on his smartie buttons...

So, as I bloody love writing lists, here are my 10 Reasons why the radio is especially important to me:

1. Breakfast. Oh Shaun Keaveny, you are bloody marvellous! I have needed the radio to wake me up throughout all of grown-up-dom and this fella has me smiling every morning. Quite a skill I'd say!

2. 'That song!' - about once a week it happens. I hear a song that I'd forgotten about, which then gets scribbled on a bit of paper and that evening has a whole spotify playlist built around it. 

3. Jarvis Cocker. Yes, I know he's on a year long 'holiday' but I've found a way to listen back to old shows and that's keeping me happy. I miss him dearly though, every Sunday at 4pm I'd stop what I was doing and just 'be' for a couple of hours, unless I was out then I'd catch up later in the week. Iggy Pop is good but he's not Jarvis. When he comes back I will throw a party and we will all wear spectacles and tweed. 

4. Everyone else who listens to the same shows! A bunch of my friends (mostly the self employed folk like myself) nudge and message each other when something funny happens on the radio. It's one of the lovely little things that makes the day extra fun, especially when I'm in an artworking or sewing hole and looking to welcome a chatty distraction.

5. Radio famous! I'm a bit sad, but have managed to have tweets and emails read out on lots of shows. I am just that fun. I'd love to call in and do one of the playlists or The Chain one day, but phone shyness prevents... maybe it should go on the bucket list of things to do before my next birthday...

6. The News! Ok, my commute does not involve The Metro and I don't really watch the TV. The radio is my main source of news and I really like this. You only get it at headline level, but based on that I look up stuff online that interests me, and then ready a few different versions of the same story to then form my own opinion, which I think is quite healthy.

7. Music. Yeah, that's a big obvious really isn't it? There are very few silent moments in my day as I just love having music on in the background. In my 'one day' house I will have music playing constantly in clever ways, it's all planned! The radio is how I discovered so much of the music that I love, and how I continue to develop that relationship. 

8. Freedom. In a weird sense! I have an appalling sense of concentration with films, and always want to do something at the same time which doesn't quite work out. It's a running joke that I am both the best and worst person to go to the pictures with as I always supply a beautifully personalised bag of pick & mix for my guest... but do chat and throw my legs about because I can't still. Anyway, I digress! My point is that I love the radio because you can move about, get on with doing a million things and it isn't an actual distraction, it's just 'there'.

9. It's free! Well, I think it's included in the license which I do pay. But you don't get much else this brilliant for free!

10. Soundtrack. I sometimes feel that certain songs coming on at a certain time is more than a coincidence. Of course, it isn't  - but sometimes it feels like that. I guess it goes back to my 'that song' point but sometimes I do feel the music played soundtracks the day in an almost eerie way. I'm always thinking about the soundtrack of my day/week/month/year/lifetime!

Anyway, thank you radio. Don't ever go away. I love spotify but I love you more.