& the Winners are!

Thank you to everyone who entered the competition!
I can announce that the winners are as follows:

Wedding Stationery Voucher - Lindsay Hodgson

Hen Party Accessories - shopgirl_london

I will be emailing the winners shortly to arrange the prizes.

In case you're wondering how I selected this... well, it was a highly organised and efficient method! As the entries were across a hard copy list from the wedding fairs, email and a few on the blog too I had to ponder this. & the only real option was the ol' names in hat method... (with photocopying kraft paper, hence the grey and much chopping!)

Next time I might just use Rafflecoptor... that said, this was much more fun.

To the many folk who entered and didn't win, please keep your eye out for an email in the next month or so with a special offer on. Next thing on the list to sort out - newsletter! 

Have lovely evenings, whatever you're upto!