Spring Markets!

Hello, hello!

I have a couple of events lined up for next month which are lovely Summer Fairs in two pretty gorgeous locations.

Saturday 7th June - Crouch End Festival - Town Hall Square, N8

Saturday 14th June - Fair in the Square, Highgate - Pond Square, N6

It's the first time I've done the Highgate one but I've only heard amazing things! Apparently it's celebrity spotting ahoy so I might have to wear my glasses so I can actually recognise folk! The Crouch End event is brilliant, there's lots of activities on the day and it's really fun (especially if the sun is shining!) Also - if you come to the Crouch End event you can do this after, which I am stupidly excited about - the costume is already planned!

I'm not doing quite as many events as last Summer, and these are the only two in the diary for now so if you fancy getting an Oh Squirrel fix then please do pop along! There will be plenty of lovely things from other traders for you to buy, and they should just both be really nice days to hang out in the sunshine. Hooray for that!

PS - sorry the images are from inside markets! Damn my disorganised photograph storage - one of the many things I need someone to come and sort out for me!