Ma Bicyclette!

Something not work related, well actually it sort of is.

A couple of weeks ago from great luck I managed to get myself a new-to-me bike! My friend wanted to get rid of hers, and I'd been pondering getting a new one for a bit (ok, a few days but I am very impulsive!) so this was perfect! 

I've lived in London coming up to nine years and I've had a bike on/off during this time. I used to cycle my childhood mountain bike to uni, and then when I moved into Central London my bit of peace and quiet consisted of cycling down to Hyde Park and then doing a few laps at sunset - I have really fond memories of this, especially when there were gigs happening there and you could hear as you cycled round. If I had to pick a handful of moments to sum up my early twenties this would definitely feature.

Anyway! That bike broke and was just too much work to fix so I sadly let it go (on my birthday, it was a sad day!). About a year later I got another one which was an incredible Dutch beast of a bike - I LOVED her so much but she just wasn't practical in my flat so after two years I said goodbye.

Last Autumn I went to Berlin and spent a lot of my time on a bike (you can read about that here if you like!) and the feeling that being on two wheels gives me is just incredible, I adore it. Every European city I've visited I've hired a bike and cycled round, it's pretty much my favourite thing to do on holiday (that and eat all the food!). I think it's growing up in Yorkshire that's done that to me.

So, to have a bike in my life again which I'm using to cycle to the studio (when I don't have too much stuff to carry) and for general adventuring is just incredible. I'd like this Summer to be about adventures!

So, what's her name? When she was given to me she didn't have one and I haven't been ready to give her one until today. I just got back from going for a little ride to get breakfast and drop some mail off to an old neighbour and then went to sit in the park for a while. I saw a single Magpie. This has happened to be FIVE BLOODY TIMES this week, and I am a bit superstitious about this. So, what's better to call a beautiful blue bike than Maggie? That way if I see a lone Magpie when I'm on my bike again it won't be a lone one because I'll be on Maggie! That's daft, I know, oh well!

Have a lovely Sunday!

PS - I'm doing my best not to blog with instagram/phone photos but on this occasion I hope I can be let off!