Squirreled Finds - Old Postcards

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a blog about old handwriting on postcards. I enjoyed it and thought y'know what, let's make some time for more of that!

So this week it's postcards. 

I have collected old postcards for years. As a child of the Great British Seaside Holiday I can recognize the landscape of Skegness, Bridlington & Scarborough a mile off!

When we were small we’d always send postcards to Grandparents when we were on our jollies, I wonder if children still do - or is it a iPhoto message. Or is already synced to an album so you don't even need to send it?! Technology is super, but it's not very romantic.

 I can remember my first holiday away from my parents when I addressed a postcard to my hamster - I wonder if they still have that?!? 

When having a bit of a forage for lovely old things I do love to come across a set of postcards, and when I recognize the place it does make me really happy. A bit back I came across a set of postcards that archived a families Summer holidays from when the couple were newlywed, through to the holidays with their small children, and later there were postcards from the children when they were grown up and off on their holidays. The sentiments of the wording were pretty funny - it’s generally just conversation about the weather and how much alcohol was consumed!

It’s a sad feeling when you find a set of postcards like this, as I always wonder why nobody kept hold of them. I love giving old finds a new lease of life, whether it be using them to make lovely stationery out of, or just keeping them in a tin/popping them on my wall.


Personally, I like the "crap" postcards the best. Anything that is seemingly pointless takes my fancy. I have some proper classy ones too so if this is a feature then folk like then perhaps I'll document some more! Maybe it's an excuse to go on some seaside trips too!

Happy squirreling!