Nice Things People Have Said on the Internet in April

I hope this isn't narcissistic! It possibly is a little bit...

In the month of April I've had some awesome blog coverage! I thought it might be nice to pop it all in one place. It's been such a brilliant month for getting out and about and having direct feedback with doing two wedding fairs and the crafty fox market too. I don't think I'll ever not feel a little embarrassed and overwhelmed when folk get excited about my designs - I hope not anyway. Every kind word is really appreciated, it really, really is.

I ran a giveaway with Claireablle Makes at the beginning of the month. It was really fun and the lovely lady who won was so chuffed! I'd like to do more of these things. When I read through the comments people had left on the blog I was so overwhelmed. Thank you!

Before I did the Chosen Wedding Fair , Kiki who runs the event asked me to send some words and images for the blog which I did. Being a busy bunny, I totally missed the blog going live and when I saw this on Saturday night I was a little bit taken aback. 

Anyway, that was pretty nice. Again, totally taken aback!

& then! Whilst at the wonderful Crafty Fox Market on Saturday, I got a tweet which was a blog post from a customer I met just a couple of hours back! Speedy or what?! This blog properly made me smile!

Anyway! That's all really very nice and has been the icing on the cake of what has been a really rather incrdible month!