A Bloody Good Easter

Hello, I've had a wonderful Easter and I hope you have too

In the same way I'm forgetful with many important life "anniversaries" because I'm too busy getting on with life, it was only on my lovely walk home through the park I realised that crikey, it's a whole year since I decided to make Oh Squirrel my full time job! It was a couple of days after Easter and as with the whole thought of Easter being about new life and baby bunnies and such it seemed like a good time to be brave.

In many ways it feels longer, but in other ways I still can't believe that I did it! I read through my blog post about handing my notice in earlier (stifled a few laughs at how poetic I thought I sounded at the time, oh Katie!) and sort of want to go back in time and give that rather scared girl a big hug and say "Hey! You're making the best decision!" - but that's weird, and if I'm hoping for time travel to exist I can think of plenty of other ridiculous things to wish for!

Anyway, I'm wittering on as ever, Happy Easter! Hope you had a wonderful one!