Etsy Love! ohsquirrelshop

If you follow Oh Squirrel on social media you might have heard that I've started to get quite excited about etsy!

Everyone knows of etsy and so many people (myself included) shop on there for independent designers and makers - it's a fantastic resource. Anybody can have a shop on there (well, within reason!) but to sell on there and actually make money, well that was a mystery to me for quite a while!

I set up my etsy shop about 18 months ago and you know what? It was awful. My photography was cringeworthy and I didn't even realise how bad it was at the time! Hindsight is wonderful ay?

Last year after being featured on a few blogs and also investing in some decent photography (some outsourced, some just being me learning how to use my camera, finally!) it started to get going for me, and know *whispers really quietly* it's been my biggest source of business in 2014 so far!

Etsy is brilliant in so many ways as it gives you access to customers all over the world, and provides a very organised platform to trade via. 

I'm so thankful to all my etsy customers - I've started to get quite a few regulars, and love the kind messages I get from happy folk, along with the good feedback. I really hope business continues to grow (or maintains at this level, I'm not too greedy!) and I already have plans to launch products on there which are either new or things I've sold at markets. 

The best sellers for me so far are definitely my hen party products (which will be expanded soon!) but then also cards and fabric tags have been good too - it's a real mix. I've sent handmade travelcard cases all over the world which always makes me smile.

I think the moral of the story for me is that etsy worked for me when I kept trying and changing things that weren't working - there's no point being still if things aren't going right, keep trying until you get it right! I think for anyone in any industry it's really good for personal growth if you don't achieve something outright and have to work really hard to get it, it makes it feel more special then. Ever etsy 'cha-CHING!' noise on my phone makes me feel proud (and nosey to see what has been ordered!)

So to conclude, thank you etsy for existing! & thank you customers for being bloomin' brilliant!