Squirreled Finds - Handwriting

As you may or may not know, the origins of my little brand come from a love of squirreling away wonderful old things - so I thought showing a few of them off on my blog could be quite fun? I’d love to make this a weekly “feature” but we’ll see how that goes!

So this week I’ve taken some photographs of beautiful handwriting that is on the back of some of the postcards and greetings cards I’ve collected.


I’m a massive fan of handwriting and feel sad that this beautiful script has started to die out. Technology is fantastic, but can you imagine how lovely it would be to receive a letter in such beautiful handwriting?


My handwriting isn’t quite as incredible as these, however I do pride myself on it! At a recent wedding fair I was asked on more than one occasion what ‘font’ it was, which is pretty funny! I did try and turn it into a font once but gave up as it was a bit of a dull process.


I’d love to go back to a stage where letter writing was the ‘done thing’. When I first moved away quite a few years ago I did write letters to my family and friends, and got a few back. Now and again I do love to send post for no reason other than to say hello. I know there are lots of pro-correspondence initiatives and I must join one!

I thought this last image was pretty fun - I’m not into my gender stereotypes, but must admit that this handwriting is pretty stereotypically male! It reminds me a lot of my Dad’s handwriting.


Perhaps this has inspired you to pick up a pen (or a quill!) and pen some words - it has definitely done so for me!