5 Reasons I'm Jolly this Weekend...

1. I got my photos back from my Hen Party photoshoot! I'm in LOVE with them and so grateful to models, photographer and MUA for their hard work. Now just to find the time to upload them all and update my website ready for the wedding fairs in 2 weeks... (anyone know how to pause time for a couple of days PLEASE?!)

2. I'm in Yorkshire for the weekend! & it's sunny! 

3. Tomorrow I'm off t'carboot - I'm very excited about this as it's one of my favourite activites on a Sunday - hoping to find some treasure for my new studio!!

4. I'm so very grateful for my etsy sales this month - seriously grateful. Every 'cha-CHING!' noise is exciting, and I'm pretty overwhelmed at the moment - thank you to all my awesome customers

5. April is set to be an incredible month. Two wedding fairs, one crafty fox market, a plethora of bespoke wedding stationery commisions, many hen party projects, a very exciting meeting with one of my favourite clients and a couple of new wholesale customers. Oh yes and the new studio! Admittedly there have been a few "life challenges" in the past few weeks but focusing on everything that's good is the only way to be!

Have a brilliant weekend!