I've only gone and forgotten MY OWN BLOODY BIRTHDAY

Forgive the hasty nature of this post - time is going a bit quick today as I've got so much to do to be ready for Hackney Flea Market tomorrow, and Harringay Market on Sunday... However I just realised something & couldn't not say anything...


I'm counting from the "launch" which was when I did my first stall at Barboot on the first Friday in February with my lovely pal Carly. Oh Squirrel was all the ideas of the cards and tags I'd made family for years put together in a cute little stall (see picture from that funny app we all had 2 years ago pre instagram!) and was the start of, well, everything!

Oh Squirrel has only been a full time adventure for 9 months, however my early days of markets and craft fairs stood me in good stead for developing a range and meeting customers who are still my regulars.

I could be soppy and thank about a million people, alas I have not won an Oscar. I'm most thankful that right now I don't have time to write a soppy blog because I'm so busy; I'm thankful for everyone who has supported me in any way; I'm thankful for everyone who gave me the courage to believe in myself. Two years ago I actually didn't! 

Tonight between packing about 100 cards, pressing flowers for wedding invitations, sewing twine onto 25 message tags and general pre-market carnage I will somehow find the time to raise a glass to what has become the best adventure of my life thus far