The Hen Party Diaries!

Good Morning!

Last night I went for dinner with two friends. We chattered away, having a lovely time, and then inevitably came up the subject of hen parties. The first reason as to why was because that's what I do, but the main reason being we are all in our mid twenties and wedding bells are ringing... therefore so are the hen party chimes!

The more we talked, the more I realised that I knew on the subject, and not just in regards to the hen party accessories that I design and make, but in the planning element too. Each week I liaise with dozens of hens, and often become a bit of a sounding board for ideas, problems and woe, and also the exciting things too.

I figured, I might be able to use all of this knowledge to write a blog feature, and so is born "The Hen Party Diaries!" 

Each week I will write a short blog post about a different hen party related subject, and give you some ideas. I'm not going to just deal with the fun things like decorations and nights out, I'm going to focus on the things nobody else really talks about, and how you can make planning a hen party fun, rather than a logistical nightmare of chasing money, agreeing a venue and keeping everyone happy! 

I'm so excited to start writing about this properly, although my main priority today is to work on all my lovely wedding and hen party orders first, and then get on to this!

Happy Sunday!

Picture c/o Hope & Glorious