"New York Was Great"...

...said The Raveonettes. I tried to book Raveonettes tickets for NY on Monday night then remember "Oh, that's the day you fly home!" - that, Ladies & Gentlemen, sums up my trip. Some very last minute planning!

I have to say though, working most things out at last minute worked pretty well - I had one of the most incredible weeks and a truly unforgettable time. 

With work, I am very organised, planning and accounting for every hour of my day, however in my social life I am pretty good at just cobbling it together at the last minute. It wasn't always this way, however since it has been I have become a lot happier - over planning everything just gets dull! 

So, New York! I won't tell you everything as that would take a whole week in itself, however if you want to know anything do feel free to ask as I am very happy to rabbit on about this trip for a long time.

Most of my trip was based in the city. I stayed in this lovely Brownstone House by Prospect Heights in Brooklyn. It was perfect here and I had such a great stay. I did plan on staying in a hotel, but as I travelled alone this was going to work out quite expensive to stay in somewhere I'd be happy in - Air BNB is the BEST solution and I'm so happy with my accommodation. My host left my the nicest review as a guest today (I forgot that happened) and I had a tiny happy sob. That's how nice it was!

Anyway. New York, wow. I did everything but then I did nothing as there was so much I missed. I walked all over Manhattan and Brooklyn too, shopped, walked some more, fell in love with the Highline, ate all the chicken in Brooklyn, discovered a secret burger joint in a very fancy hotel, found loads of little markets to enjoy (Bleaker Street, The Loom & Chelsea Market if you're interested!) and just generally had an absolutely ball. I did a number of 'tourist' things, but also made up my own fun from what I wanted to do too.

Walking the Brooklyn Bridge was definitely one of my favourite things to do.

In the evenings I went to shows and gigs, which was brilliant. I got to see Sleep No More twice, which was worth every single cent. I cannot recommend this show any more! The premise is that you 'follow' it round the huuuuuge building whilst wearing a mask so you're like a 'ghost' choosing what scenes to see. On both visits I had entirely different experience… from chasing Macbeth and being covered in his (fake) blood and then dragged into a room and jumped out on by a Taxidermist (!)…. to enjoying the most beautiful and emotive dance I've ever seen. I would go back just for this show (if the Christmas season goes well then I actually might…) I figured that basically it's paying quite a lot of money just to run around a building (literally run after the characters, I never enjoyed running so much) and be absolutely terrified… but in a good way! Not like the Subway - I had an some really good fun on the subway…. and also felt really scared. Hooray for yellow cabs!

Anyway. I also saw 'Then she fell' which was also immersive but quite different. It's loosely based on Alice in Wonderland - I had the Mad Hatter fitting hats to my head, shared a mirror dance with Alice then ended the show sitting in an armchair surrounded by rivers whilst listening to the most prolific words I'd ever heard. They also serve a lot of alcohol as part of the show so sadly I cannot remember those wise words!

On the weekend I was beyond lucky enough to attend a wedding up in Hudson. I won't share too much about the wedding for now, however I had the most incredible time in the most beautiful bit of the world I have possibly ever seen. It was truly magical and the most beautiful and fun day. 

When I got back on Sunday I was straight out to another show then ended the evening with cocktails on an amazing rooftop bar, and chocolate pizza - something I was introduced to by a very kind New Yorker I made friends with earlier in the week. 

On Monday I flew back, but not before a full day of seeing and doing as much as possible. I had to pop to Madison Avenue and see if Don Draper fancied an Old Fashioned...

I also popped to a fabric store! Room in my cases was getting pretty tight so I only bought one thing, but it was very nice. I bought quite a lot of other things though… crikey is this city good for shopping!

Saying goodbye to New York was tough, however I didn't realise that by opting to do the Red Eye flight I had one final gift from the city in store - flying over it whilst it was lit up! It was so beautiful! The perfect way to say goodbye.

I enjoyed my trip so much, I'm still waking up and thinking I'm there! I know I'm not, but I will be back and I'm already planning a new trip elsewhere in the states for next year. I learnt a lot from doing this too - mainly about giving myself time off and not feeling guilty when I'm not working. The week before I left was very tough as I worked a lot of hours and was under quite a bit of self inflicted pressure, however if I balance those weeks with ones like this then I think that's the key to being very happy. New York was the very best fun and I am so thankful that I got to go, that everything was wonderful and that the sun shone does on almost every day I was there. I'm going to get some of these pictures printed and put up in the studio just to remind myself what it's all about