Christmas Card Making Workshop

Back in November I was invited to the Stroud Green WI to do a Christmas Card making workshop. Together with two other makers, we had "stations" teaching a craft to about 40 WI members & guests.

(Apologies for the not so wonderful pictures, it was a tad busy!)

I designed a simple project that incorporated stitching, stamping and general card making techniques, that all the WI members could customise and make their own

The WI looked after me well! Many mince pies were available, and mulled wine too. I was a bit unwell that evening so I didn't get to enjoy quite as many as I would usually have!!

Although I've done similar things before, I'd never taught a card making workshop so this was an eye opener! I loved planning the project and thinking of how I could design a workshop that would enable everyone to make the cards their own, and also incorporate a bit of stitching without needing a machine!

Would I teach a workshop again? I think so, but not at the moment. Recently I've been asked about this from a few places and it definitely isn't something I'm ruling out for the future.