Oh Squirrel in 91 Magazine!

It was a Thursday when I looked at my phone and the notifications had gone a bit crazy. That's because I was only bloomin' featured in 91 Magazine!!!!!


The January edition of this amazing online magazine had a craft special. The lovely Ruth Garner interviewed a few of her Renegade favourites and I was so lucky to be one of them!

You can read the magazine here! It's a really lovely read as it features so many wonderful makers in there, I'm really so proud to be one of them. I adore 91 Magazine as the content is just great, and the layout is clean and easy to absorb, which I think is so important in a magazine.

I'm so proud to be able to display this little medal now!

PS. How much do you want to visit in Leigh Metcalf's house? A LOT is my answer!