My Funny Valentine!

It's coming up to Valentine's day, so it's time to shift some of that Oh Squirrel humour into a range of Valentine's Cards... & here is a little taster!

Cards are available to buy in the Oh Squirrel etsy shop. I will be doing a couple of markets previous to Valentine's Day which I will announce shortly.

You're the one that I want! You are the one I want, ooh ooh ooh (yes, sorry about that!)

I Bloody Love You! 

You Were Made For Me (everybody tells me soooooo!) - Sorry I'm having a sing-along-Monday!

You'll Do! But seriously, I love you! (and you get a badge too, what a win!)

You're The One For Me, Fatty! Before anyone tells me off for being horrible and rude, you might need to channel your rage to Morrissey as this is inspired by one of his songs! It is a bit cheeky, you're right, but I've had this song sang to me in a loving way before, so why not! (I reserve the right to refuse to tell this to anyone who I think is actually being mean, as that would be horrid)

If you're a shop and would be interested in placing a wholesale order for Valentine's cards please send an email and I will send you the wholesale brochure.