Oh, Berlin

I've been a bit quiet this week because I was not here! 

I was here!

After a crazy, crazy year, and with what will be a very busy few months ahead, a few weeks back I decided to book a little break.

I spent 4 days in Berlin being inspired, eating, cycling, seeing incredible things... and drinking a fair few beverages too.

Lots more to come about this as I spent a lot of time sourcing things to use on Oh Squirrel products, and also quite a bit of time in cafes/bars sketching up ideas. Nice to have a change of scenery!

Anyway, off to bed for me now up early to start working on some great projects and orders in the morn. I can't say that I 'stopped' as such, but it's definitely great to get away, slow the pace down and be inspired once in a while. Berlin is just incredible.

PS - these are just a few instagram pics, I took some proper ones too so next week I'll share more about my trip, adventures and THE SPARROW WHO STOLE MY BREAKFAST