Motivational Fabric Message Tags

Lovely fabric tags have been an oh squirrel core product from the very beginning, but about a year ago I started to make some slightly bigger tags with messages on - nice motivational things...

I'd previously made these from scraps of fabric from my archive, with a bit of a make do and mend approach, but I've recently moved this forward into a nice little product range which is available online.

So what's the point of these tags?

Well! They say nice things to evoke good feelings and great ideas! There are lots of motivational things about, whether they be postcards or other decorate accessories, and these are in the Oh Squirrel signature style.

They are a great idea to hang in your house to remind you that you're super or whatever else they may say. 

The main purpose is for them to be given to friends or family who are need of a bit of a boost. Receiving a beautiful fabric tag stating 'You are Bloody Brilliant' is surely enough to make anyone smile, right?

Where did the idea come from?

I was given a book of motivational messages when I was having a tough time, and it inspired me to think of a way to make other people smile, but with a sense of humour behind it. I'm the first to cackle at anything with a sentimental message that is a bit tacky, so I worked hard to find a nice balance with strong font and fabric in great prints and colours.

I wanted the end product to be something small enough to pop in an envelope and post, but big enough to be a nice accessory, and to notice.

What can I use it for?

Inspiring others & looking pretty.

You can hang it by your mirror to remind you, maybe by your computer at work, from the mirror in the car or even frame and pop by a beside or in the loo! They would make a good bookmark too. The 'is this the best use of your time?' tag is great to pop by the telly, as that's what I think if I get sucked in to watching something a bit mindless. You could pop it in someone's trashy magazine as a joke too (although I do not think there's anything wrong with a bit of a magazine now and again!)

I sent Lizzie of Being Little a couple of these tags last year when they were in their early stages, and I love seeing them pop in in her blog posts now and again. Hers is by her mirror and I am so thrilled.

Where can I buy one from?

I finally have these in the shop, TA DAH!

You can also buy them from me at the plethora of events I will be selling at in the up and coming months. 

I have something special to say! Can I say it via one of your fabric tags?

Absolutely! I have made these as invites and thank yous/favours before so whether you want to tell one person you think they are swell or 200 that you'd like them to come to your wedding, then let's have a chat