Well that's nice isn't it?!

Apologies for a bit of radio silence, it's been a tad crazy around these parts.

So what has been going on?! Well, I'll tell you! SO BLOODY MUCH!

I had a brilliant weekend with my folks coming to visit, and got to go to the incredible David Bowie exhibition which was just so inspirational. I can't recommend it to you now because it has GONE. There were his sketchbooks of drawings and lyrics, costumes and so much music. I loved it! 

Work wise, I've been working on some great projects - lots of wedding clients which is great fun, and the vintage hen party side of things has been very busy, which is so exciting. I finally have some of them on etsy now too, hoorah!

Speaking of etsy, I'm so excited to have new photography taken by the ever wonderful Dianne Tanner. My shop is looking a bit fuller these days so that's pretty great. I will be blogging more about this shortly.

Event wise, I had a brilliant day at Spitalfields last weekend which was full of giggles and meeting new people. It was followed by a party and a day in Brighton, so that "work/life balance" thing is slowly being improved on!

Next week I will be taking part in an event together with The Nomad Cinema - it is a very exciting project which I'll tell you more about at the weekend. But for now, all you need to know is if you're free this Wednesday and a fan of Where the Wild Things are, then you maybe could think about coming along to this incredible outdoor cinema experience.

(doing research for said project!)

So, dear blog I promise you'll be seeing more of me in the next few days!