Lovely to See You!

I love working on new products, and these cute little badges have been going down a storm at my most recent markets!

I've had the 'Lovely to See You' badge on my bag for a week and I've got so many compliments. (Oh, and the bag is from Oliver Bonas - it was a birthday present from me, to me! I think it's actually sold out now but I love love love it!)

A lovely lady bought a 'You'll Do' badge to give to her husband on their wedding day, amazing!

& here are some beautiful ladies enjoying their badges - they bought 'average', 'stupid girl' and 'common person'. The feminist inside me feels sad but also very amused, they were super!

I've popped some of these in the etsy shop. If you have a gift to buy for someone who likes a good laugh, perhaps you'd like to buy one? They're just £2 each so they really are an affordable bit of fun. They would make a lovely wedding favour too! More styles coming soon! 

Oh I love working on new things!! My brain is a happy one when it's being creative

Katie x