Carters Steam Fair comes to Crouch End!

& what a treat it was!

I've lived here for three Summers now, and I'm in disbelief that I have never visited the fair before. I'm more confused as to why nobody dragged me there, as it couldn't be more of a 'Katie-thing' really!

I am so lucky to have such a great address, this fair was approximately two minutes from my house. The sun was brilliant, and the music filled the streets around (I could hear it from my kitchen!). I've never been to such a beautiful fun fair.

The colours and the graphics on the rides were just incredible, it really did feel like going back in time. It really is a "must visit" for anyone with a love of Vintage and lovely old things.

It was so very pleasant, no horrid happy hardcode dance music, just beautiful old songs playing.

I loved that they had the old arcade games! I have always been a bit obsessed with the 2p shove machines, and they had some other incredible things. When I'm rich and have a big house (not if, WHEN!) I'd love to collect these. I wrote my dissertation about the seaside so they really do have a firm place in this soppy heart of mine.

Please have a look at the website and see if the fair is visiting you soon, it really is incredible!


The story of Carters is a really brilliant one too - the fair is a family business, all built from a love of nostalgia and heritage. I think it's incredible what they have achieved, and I am am utterly in awe. I would love to visit the Carters yard one day! I have a feeling I'm going to be following this fair around a bit...

Perhaps I should apply for a job, and run my business from one of their cute little caravans!

Katie x

Oh, and I promise some more Oh Squirrel posts soon, there have been a lot of 'real life' blogs recently, but I love sharing photographs of lovely things and hope you like seeing them too! It'd be a bit of a boring blog if I was just trying to show ya cards all the time!