25 Things that happened when I was 25.

I have really enjoyed being a square number...

  1. I became self employed!
  2. I invented quite a few good recipes, and accepted that I will never be able to follow one from a book, no matter how pretty it is. My pork and apple casserole is pretty good, as is this lamb thing that seems to change every time I make it...
  3. Clearly I am a catalyst for love - I went to 5 weddings! If you want to get married, I suggest becoming my friend. 
  4. On the same theme of this, I saw two of my best friends get married to each other.
  5. I watched lots of Olympics, and went to see some too.
  6. I stopped doing stuff to my hair and let it be. I have never loved my hair more. 
  7. I was asked to be a Bridesmaid! 
  8. I joined a business group
  9. I learnt to ask for help. At work, in life or even if you don’t know how to boil an egg properly *looks sheepish*
  10. I learnt to boil an egg! Dippy, obviously. 
  11. I got to feed Galapagos tortoises. Contrary to popular belief, those lads can move pretty fast once they know where dinner is. Some of the smaller folk too!
  12. I designed and delivered my first full Wedding! & then my second! (note, neither were ‘my’ wedding!)
  13. 25 has definitely been the year for making more friends, which is brilliant. I’ve met some wonderful folk this year.
  14. I won a prize for being best dressed at a 1930s party! I didn’t even know it was a contest, and I was in the loo when it was announced, whoops.
  15. I got very good at both Mac and Windows shortcuts. 
  16. Whilst on computery things, I learnt lots of website bits too *takes a mini bow* - I can’t wait to get going with them all...
  17. I had a stall at Spitalfields, Alexandra Palace and in lots of other really prestigious places. It’s been a year of pinching myself at how far I’ve come. I have a lot of amazing people to thank who know exactly who they are

  18. I got a tattoo! No, I’m lying. I faked a tattoo - it was an interesting experiment.
  19. I had the best Christmas adventure which involved driving through the lights and ice skating at NHM. Christmas was super.
  20. I got to play with lots of amazing small folk, my friends just keep on popping! This makes me very happy.
  21. I helped to celebrate my incredible Nanna's 90th birthday!
  22. I became the master of the lacto free milkshake.
  23. With help, I planted a window box. Yes, it’s dead now but it looked great for a while!
  24. I worked on some amazing projects for some amazing clients and small business too! All the hens, brides & grooms, folk commisions cards... again, pinching myself!!
  25. I found ways to be calm when things go wrong, happy when things go right, and learn from mistakes and take it on the chin. The conclusion being that I have really grown up this year.


It really has been a huge year! No regrets, no looking back, and a heck of a lot of excitement about the future. 26 is going to be brilliant. Oh, and it turned out I used instgram a LOT during the age of 25! 

Katie x