It's Just the Little Things... staying up until midnight and talking about absolutely nothing (oh, I love that song!)

Anyway! I'm a big believer in it being the little things in life that become the big things, the little touches you add, the thoughtful letters and texts you send, or that cup of tea and chat that came at just the right time, ice cream in the sunshine when you're having a bad day, or someone bringing you some flowers "just because"

At the weekend I had the absolute pleasure of going to one of my most wonderful friend's hen parties, and it really was a day full of special touches. I supplied the badges and sash (of course!), but the day was full of more lovely touches than this, a beautiful scrapbook, a poloroid camera which we used throughout the day, games, a little prank... all of these little things made the day just perfect. When the karaoke ended and we sang Backstreet Boys acapella, well that was potentially the greatest moment... So many people contributed to making this day perfect, with lots of little things put together.

Anyway, it got me thinking about the "little things" in life, and small touches we can all make to help make people around us feel special. Whether it's a card to say "hello" or "I miss you", through to throwing a surprise party for someone. When I had a tough time a couple of years back, a close friend sent a book called 'Everything is Going to be OK' in the post which is a beautiful book full of motivational words set in an arty way. I've never forgotten that, and how I felt upon getting this mystery post.

This week I'm going to set myself a mini challenge to do 5 "little" things for 5 people in my life. Perhaps it could be something you'd like to do too. Being kind is one of the most natural things we can do.

Katie x

PS - I don't have any pictures of the hen party because we were having too much fun! The poloroid pictures were brilliant though, I recommend getting hold of one of those cameras!